Bengaluru’s favourite
guilty pleasure.


Corner House has been part of Bengaluru since 1982, rooted in a time when the city was quieter, filled with trees and lakes. As the city has grown, so have we, yet our doors remain open even today, offering a nostalgic escape to those who remember, and a warm welcome to those discovering us for the first time.

Over the years, we have grown to become more than just a dessert stop. We’ve seen generations grow; from toddlers licking their first ice-cream to grandparents indulging in our sundaes. We never set out to become a tradition; you’ve lovingly made us one.

So, what makes us Bengaluru’s
favourite guilty pleasure?

As our customers expect,

we serve
ice cream

desserts, something sweet and delectable for everyone’s palate.

Our recipes are not only specially
crafted, but also monitored and tested
at each stage, from the production
line at the factory to the sales counter
at every Corner House parlour.

Since 1982, our customers
have trusted and loved the brand.
Evidence that the way to anybody’s
heart is indeed, through ice cream!

We serve
100% dairy
ice creams at all our outlets.

Originally named

after the matriarch of the brand, the iconic Corner House chocolate fudge has been made with meticulous attention to detail.
The sauce envelops our sundaes in a comforting warmth, much like a warm hug on occasional chilly Bangalore evenings.

After all, what good is ice cream (or life, really)
without a warm, gooey chocolate fudge to hold
it together

Nostalgia is a powerful emotion, and one closely
associated with Corner House.

Over the last four decades, we have witnessed many birthdays, graduations,
first dates, family get-togethers, and many other celebrations that have sparked
happiness among customers. Being a part of these memories has only proved that
the purpose of our brand goes beyond just dessert. Indeed, each scoop we serve
symbolises cherished moments that define our shared human experience.

The Taster’s Club is a group of select few Corner House superfans that get to try out ice-cream flavours, sundaes and milkshakes that haven’t been released yet. However, we now want to build this community into more than just that.

We will host events and activities that bring together a group of sweet people to make sweeter memories at Corner House.

Mr and Mrs. Punjabi

“From nervous first dates to bringing our own children here now, Corner House has been a constant in our life. It’s where we’ve laughed, cried, and celebrated. The flavours might change, but the feeling of warmth and welcome remains the same, making each visit feel like coming home.”


“After my first marathon, I went straight to Corner House with my parents. Sitting there, with my medal around my neck and a victory sundae in front of me, I felt an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. This place has seen me at my lowest and my highest, it really has been my comfort place for years.”


“After every day, no matter how stressful, my school mates and I always headed to Corner House for a break. It was always tradition, and the memories made while eating DBC and Cake Fudge will always be very close to my heart. Going back to Corner House always takes me back to those good old days.”


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